My name is Laura Melvin, and I’m a retired Circuit Judge from Florida who lives full time in my RV, thus the nickname GypsyJudge. I’m also an author, avid motorcyclist, a retired attorney, and a grandmother.  I set up this blog the summer of 2011 to report on a long distance bike ride I was making on my Honda Goldwing 1800.  I called it 4 Corners 4 Kids, and rode 12,888 miles solo around the 4 geographic corners of the U.S. (San Ysidro, California; Blaine, Washington; Madawaska, Maine; and Key West, Florida) to raise awareness of and contributions for four special charities that focus on the needs of children.

bookThen I expanded  the blog to include more recent travels and so we can talk about my book, Footprints on My Soul- Journal of a Circuit Court Judge. I hope you’ll leave me a comment and share this blog and my website, www.LauraMelvin.net, with your friends.  You can also find me on Facebook at AGypsyJudge.  My blogs appear at the right-hand corner of this screen as well as on the Blog tab, again on the right-hand corner of that screen.

What is Footprints on My Soul – Journal of a Circuit Court Judge? Through the lens of my private thoughts and feelings, I describe my view from the Bench. The book is written as a travel memoir, describing my solo trip around the country in my RV after I retired; I weave into that linear progression the stories of some of the people I met while on the Bench.  The book is not a legal analysis or political discussion; instead I focus on the humanity I encountered. Many of the cases I depict involve children – children who were believed and then protected by the adults they trusted, and those who were not. Other cases involve ordinary and extraordinary people who came seeking justice. I candidly describe my professional struggles to do justice, including my decision to impose the death penalty twice. There are many interpretations of “justice,” and in the book I hope to challenge the certainty of your own definition.

Witnesses are often required to tell in public their darkest secrets, and this is particularly difficult for child victims. My stories include secrets – a few of my own as well as some I was privileged to hear from the Bench. With these stories, I share the lessons I have learned of the immeasurable value of listening and believing. To provide a framework for these stories, I tell my own story as a female in the Deep South, raised in a conservative culture with strict expectations. I describe the turmoil and uncertainty that led to my decision to leave the Bench after ten years, and I take the reader on my extended solo RV trip around the country.

My story was originally published under the title, Public Secrets and Justice – Journal of a Circuit Court Judge. I am pleased with the new edition and its title; these truly are the stories of those little footprints left on my soul by the children I was privileged to meet through the legal system.

You may purchase autographed copies of Footprints on My Soul – Journal of a Circuit Court Judgefrom my website, www.LauraMelvin.net, where addition information about the book and author is also available or you may purchase below by clicking the “PayPal Order Now!” button. You may contact me through this blog or by email at gypsyjudge@yahoo.com.  You may follow me on Facebook at AGypsyJudge and at FootprintsOnMySoul. My book is also available on Kindle, through your local book store and Amazon.com.

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  1. J G says:

    How may I order several books with personal autographs?

  2. Mary Jane Glauber says:

    Hi Laura,
    We met briefly at the opening of the FGC in Greeley, CO and you mentioned that you had recently written or published a book. You were to be interviewed the next day. I saw you at a morning workshop that we had both signed up for, and I asked you how the interview had gone. You said that it had gone well. I was glad.

    Later during the week, I happened to be eating with some people who may also be members of your Meeting. They know you. They told me that your book was for sale in the bookstore so I went over and bought it. I have now had a chance to read it since I am back from being out on the road.

    “Public Secrets and Justice: A Journal of a Circuit Court Judge” by Laura Melvin (ISBN -10 0989497305) was excellently crafted and I found it difficult to put down because how it was written made it very engaging. I can highly recommend your book to everyone.

    Any interview by a person who had actually read your book no doubt would have gone quite well; you have crafted what I would refer to as being an excellent and insightful “read.” Congratulations!!!!

    Mary Jane G.
    Louisville, KY

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the kind words & I’m glad you enjoyed the book. The support you and others have offered means a great deal.

  3. Andy Sinn says:

    Hi Judge Laura,

    As usual, I got on the bandwagon a little late–heard about your exploits in the June 2013 issue of Rider. I am in awe. I am also a MSF Rider Coach, a Winger and member of GWRRA.
    I am back in school, recently certified as an ACSM CPT. Liked your comment about aging 🙂 but don’t give up! I’m 58 and am in the best shape of my life. Write me for workout suggestions our if you’re visiting three Northeast. I’d love to ride along with you for a bit.

    • admin says:

      I had entirely too much fun on that ride. Thanks for the feedback. Hope you enjoy your work with MSF & don’t encounter a need to use your CPR training.

  4. JOHN M LOPEZ says:

    LADY LAURA my name is John and I had the Honor of riding in front of the SHRINE HOSP. in SACRMENTO,CA. I , think it was in march, My question is did you get any of the pictures they took of you and I making a circle in our bikes, to refresh your memory I was in my Honda Trike, If you have any pictures of you and I can I have a copy. I would like to put in my picture frame, It would be an Honor of having your photo aside of me. If you have any picture let me know and i will e-mail my address thank you.

    • admin says:

      John, sorry to be so slow. But YES I have a couple of those pictures & would be delighted to share with you. And thanks for sharing that special time. It still burns brightly in my mind & heart.

  5. Dale Sheafer says:

    Good luck to you, yer honor! We boomers are giving Gen X and Y something to shoot for.
    I’ve just returned from my own great adventure, the Four Oceans Tour for the Cure where I went to the Atlantic at Atlantic City, the Caribbean at Key West, the Pacific at Westport Washington, and the Arctic at Prudhoe Bay, AK.
    I’m 65, had open heart surgery and I’m an insulin diabetic. Had a ball. Best trip I ever took! Sights, wildlife, people couldn’t have been better.
    I also took a tent and used it zero times!
    Again the best of luck to you and be alert for animals on the road especially during the early am and at dusk.
    Dale Sheafer

  6. love says:

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  7. PC Lady says:

    Great post, love your writing style

  8. Eve says:

    I enjoyed meeting you at Hopewell Rocks park in NB CAD. I am the other single lady rider from Fla, we spoke on the steps. Although my ride is strictly selfish personal enjoyment, I hugely admire you for making the journey solo and for making the journey for the children who have no one to speak for them. Safe travels. Maybe we can hook up one day for an epic ride. I am home now, short ride for me only 5486 miles this trip. So far this year 20005 miles and counting. Once again, safe travels.

  9. HI Laura!
    THaNKS 4 joining us for Friends Meeting today in Harrisburg. Your story was refreshing & inspiring! Keep up the great work. In Quaker lingo, I think your journey might be termed a “traveling ministry.” During Meeting, I happened to be reading from a text written by one of the most well-known “travelling ministers” from Friends’ history, John Woolman. Like you, he felt a need to help those who were not as fortunate. I was perusing his ‘A Plea for The Poor.’ Cool stuff! Woolman had some real adventures. And came up with insights that are as relevant today as they were in the 1700’s when he lived, wrote & TRAVELED! He had some good times with the natives. And became one of the earliest abolitionists. You probably know all or some of this. Anyhow, HAPPY TRAVELS!

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  11. Coletta says:

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  12. maryjane says:

    I am thinking of you daily, Laura! Hope blue skies and cool breezes accompany you. I am so awed by YOU!! Too cool!

  13. Beverley Hughes says:

    Since I know how much you love to LEAN, here’s a suggestion for your next motorcycle adventure!!


  14. Monte & Nancy DeVore says:

    You are quite a lady with so much compassion for mankind. It was such a pleasure working with you at Habitat in Pagosa Springs. There wasn’t anything you couldn’t do on the build and now we know there isn’t anything you cannot do anywhere. Keep handing up! Safe travels!

  15. Shureaure says:

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  16. Top Gun says:

    What an awesome project! I’m envious of the ride but even more struck by the causes. May every mile be a safe, memorable and enjoyable mile on your challenging ride! You’re likely around our neck of the woods right now in upstate NY or recently passed us. I’ll be watching the news to see if you stop at the Ronald McDonald House in Syracuse. Ride safe and happy travels!

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  20. Federico Bee says:

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  21. Duane P says:

    Laura, Thank you for supporting the Shriners Hospitals! I have been a shriner for about 10 years and love helping kids.
    Quite a ride you are on. Hope you get a chance to drive thru the Coastal Redwoods here in Humboldt County. Enjoy and be safe!

  22. deneme says:

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  24. Very well written article. It will be supportive to anybody who usess it, as well as yours truly :). Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.

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  26. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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  28. Jack Jackson says:

    Your Honor, I used that word after giving it a lot of thought, because it is fitting in so many ways. Like you I have a soft spot for kids, I do all I can do for those less blessed than me in Mexico. Last year you sent me a check for $300.00 to help with food. A friend of ours named Ray helped us hook up. What goes around comes around or you reap what you sow, eather way it is now my turn to help you in your cause. God bless and watch over you my friend as you take on this adventure. Jack Jackson

  29. Ron Rook says:

    Very proud for you Laura. Wish I could join you, as I am an avid bike rider also. Hope to join you when you get to Florida to ride a portion of your ride with you.
    Would be an honor to do so.
    Be safe,
    Ronnie Rook

  30. Ron Rook says:

    Laura: On behalf of everyone in the Milton High School Class of 1964, I would like to congratulate you on this AWESOME adventure, and wish you a safe and enjoyable trip. We are all very proud of you, your accomplishments in life, and your current journey to help the kids. We know you will succeed, and we look forward to seeing you upon your return to Milton, FL.
    You make us proud!
    Ron Rook
    MHS Class of 1964 Reunion Committee

  31. Tsquare says:

    Laura, I wanted to do something for Gulf Coast Kid’s House in honor of your 4 Corners project so here is the plan: I purchased a Day Sponsorship at our local NPR station (WUWF, 88.1 in Pensacola) and they are going to read a press release that Stacey Kostevecki is creating. It will be read about 5/6 times on the day of her choice. It is already in the works. Thanks again for all that you are doing out there. The blog is wonderful.

  32. Jami Hart says:

    So glad to have met you this morning at Multnomah Meeting. Hope to meet again sometime in New Mexico. I posted a link to your website on Facebook where there are many Quaker Friends all over the country and beyond. Hope it will raise some $$$$ for the 4 for kids.

  33. Thank you so much for what you are doing for the Shriners Hospitals.
    I do so admire your courage.
    Every body reading this, see what the Shriners do for children every where.
    Ride on brave LADY.

  34. Susan & PD Melvin says:

    Good for you Laura…….What an incredible journey you’ll have. We all need to get together after your trip …it’s been too long!! Stay safe…PD and Susan

  35. Beso and Chuy says:

    Hi Laura,
    We are the 2 cute black mutts you met outside the Starbucks near the Sacramento Shriners Hospital. Thank you for sharing your positive energy and doggy love with us. We do our best to look lonely and neglected so we can get suckers like you to pet us, thanks! If the love you shared with us is any indication of how Grace lives when you are home, we are very jealous.

    We wish you a safe and tail wagin’ good time on your trip up north. Have a great adventure, we will live vicariously through your blog!

    Beso and Chuy (with a little help from our mom’s Kris and Margarita)

  36. J’adore ce site, j’y vais tous les jours

  37. Juli says:

    What an awesome way to do something meaningful for our children & families! Noah and I will meet you in Key West at the end of the road and give you shelter to recoup and recollect. Count us in on the “two cents club”. Throw off the bowlines and have a great adventure! Juli

  38. Its difficult to discover professional individuals on this topic, but you sound like you know what you are speaking about! Many thanks

  39. Laura, Habitat has already received a donation in your honor! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  40. Laura,

    Hope your journey has been wonderful so far! We love reading the blogs!

  41. Laura, congrats on the well-deserved “Angels in Our Midst” nomination! Thank you again, from all of us at Pensacola Habitat for Humanity – families, staff and volunteers!

  42. Linda H says:

    The “Angels” item on WEAR 3 was wonderful. All the charities you chose are worthy and I hope all benefit greatly from the spotlight you are shining on them. I know I will contribute. I will look forward to keeping up with your travels. Blessings and prayers go with you.

  43. NYLawyr says:

    Hi GypsyJudge –
    Just read about you in the Bar Journal. Best wishes on your trip!

  44. 1st time I’ve v isited your blog?beneficial find! Thanks.

  45. Cousin Al says:

    Best wishes for a safe and successful venture, Laura. Sally and I will be following you online.

  46. Gil Heckendorf says:

    GREAT REVIEW! I totally agree with all your thoughts you said in your post, especially at the middle of your article. Thank you, your post is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your super blog:) Isabella S.

  47. Jill says:

    Laura – you go girl! If you make it to California, you had better come visit me on the Central Coast!

  48. Stacey Evans says:

    Laura, I’m a friend of Nancy’s in Mobile. Yesterday I returned from vacation in South West Harbor ME. If you have time to detour Bar Harbor or even South West Harbor, North East Harbor or Bass Harbor after leaving Madawaska it would be worth it. Let me know if you want information on some of the locations we enjoyed. The community appeared very committed to volunteerism.

  49. Glenda H G says:

    I am so impressed and my husband is even more impressed. As a former classmate, it is hard to believe what some members of our class of ’64 do. I wish you luck on your trip and if you come through Columbia, SC, you are welcome here. Safe travels. I will be following your blog. I am forwarding the info to my sis. God speed.

  50. Chris Gahimer says:

    It was an honor for myself and our other riders with the Christian Motorcyclists Association, Maranatha Riders from Pensacola to “run a judge out of town” as our president so stated! Laura, our thoughts and prayers are with you on your adventure. My wife said I could have gone! She says she would have packed my bags! I feel so loved! Keep the rubber side down and the shiney side up. God’s blessings on you for what you are doing and for why. There is nothing more precious than a child. We at CMA will be following your blog and look forward to having you come to our meeting when you return. Breakfast is on us!

    • TeWanna T. Rich-Brown says:

      May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You, for truly you are attempting a selfless contribution and my hope is the organizations for which you are riding use the financial contributions/funds donated to benefit the needs, neccessities of children and ones in question. God’s Speed! Ride within your limits, Be Safe my friend Laura.

  51. Linda R.Q. says:

    Well dear old friend, have a wonderful adventure. It seems pretty exciting compared to our daring trips down the railroad tracks and skinny dipping in the Bay. My son live in Las Vegas if you go thru there. They would be happy to feed you and put you up. I shall follow your blog. Too bad Ronnie couldn’t have gone with you.

  52. Odis W. says:


    It is now 9:19 PM June 3, 2011.
    I live in Katy, Texas which is 30 miles west of downtown Houston on I10.
    I hope you get this message in time to stop by and visit with my wife and I. I don’t think I have seemed you since high school 1964. If you need a soft billow rather than a hard rock to lay your head on for the night, my wife and I welcome you to our home.

    I admire your courage in this journey.


  53. Ginger M says:

    Dear Sis,
    What a great send off. A few of your fellow bikers looked like they longed to share road all the way to California. 🙂 Have a safe and wonderful time. “May the road rise to meet you….” and ‘keep the top of your head open’ (Hopi).

  54. Flip says:

    Way to go / we are cheering for you / know you can do it / look forward to hearing from you along the way / and keep up to date / make it a safe trip / mom’s all excited for you

  55. Heather M says:

    Judge Laura,
    My family and I would like to thank you personally. We are recent Habitat for Humanity home owners. Our house is in the new Habitat subdivision off Gulf Beach Hwy. If it wasn’t for awesome people like you spreading the word our family of 7 wouldn’t be where we are today. Habitat for Humanity is one GREAT program for families like ours. Thank you again for spreading the word! May God bless you and your guardian angel along your journey!

  56. William Seymour says:

    Be safe Laura!! I am jealous. I look forward to hearing your stories when you get back.

  57. Carlos C. says:

    I didnt know I was buying a motorcycle from someone doing something so wonderful. I’m loving the bike and will be taking it out on its first road trip next week to Montgomery then to New Orleans.

    Be safe, careful and I will check your site to follow your progress. /carlos/

  58. John says:

    Judge– We miss you at 190 Governmental Center. Stay safe!

  59. Richard Coffey says:

    Judge I know that you will have a wonderful time. I am a retired 64 year old police chief and I do a cross-country motorcycle ride every year. I just got back from a 5,000 mile ride that took me up through Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, Canada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and then home. Good luck on your great adventure. Richard C.

  60. Laura, we are thrilled to host your kick-off event on Friday. We’ll see you at 10 am here and we’ll wish you the very best, safest trip!

  61. James E. Johnson says:

    Laura I commend you in what you are doing I am with the Christian Motorcyclists Association of Baldwin County Alabama I for one want to Thank You for what you are about to do. We in Chapter # 955 will be Praying for you all the way and Back, we always stat out on a ride with Prayer for Safety and for our Motorcycle to be seen and to stay in good working order I hope you will do the same you cant get enough Prayer’s. May God bless you in what you do.

    James Johnson
    Road Captain #955 C.M.A.
    Heaven’s Thunder
    Robertsdale Al.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your prayers & encouragement. The warm support I’ve received from so many is very comforting – & humbling.

  62. Mary Jordan says:

    Have a great trip, neighbor. Hugs to you Laura and we pray that you have good weather for the trip. Mary, Joe and Joey

  63. Karena says:

    What an incredible endeavour! Wishing you sunny skies!

  64. Jim Richmond says:

    Have a great ride. The impact of the legal system on kids drove me from private practice years ago, but your response is so much more constructive. I’m looking forward to tracking your journey and taking a ride of my own to celebrate your successful return.

    • admin says:

      I understand how that can happen, Jim. I hope you’ve found a way to stay connected with the kids, tho you needed to leave the legal system. Time is getting short & I’m looking forward to getting on the road – except for those moments I wonder what in the world I’m doing! 😉

  65. Deb Lang says:

    Sending you Laura all great thoughts and energy for your trip! Will watch your site with great interest here in Brisbane Queensland Australia.


  66. Frank L says:

    Hi Laura
    As always you never cease to amaze us with your motorcycling adventures. If you need a place to stay while passing through Surprise Arizona , Rosemary and I have a guest room for your visit. Best of luck on your journey.
    Keep the shiney side up

  67. Uncle Steve says:

    Laura! Good on ya! Looks to be a boatload of fun. I’ve been eyeballing a similar thing in my truck – a Five Points course suggested by the fine folks at Turbo Diesel Register, an owners’ group of fellow Dodge diesel junkies.

    This seems to be a major change for an offroad junkie – I’m guessing the Goldwing reignited your sense of comfort.

    Recognizing a good idea when I see one, sign me up – I’m joining the “Two Cents’ Worth” Crew.

    Keep the dirty side down and ride safe!
    Uncle Steve

    Nice choice of sites / providers! Now, my sense of sloth over not working my site in too long has reawakened.

  68. Woodrow "Mac" Melvin, Jr. says:

    Be careful, sis…”may God hold you in the palm of his hand” around all four corners! Stop and visit us when you reach Key Biscayne.

  69. Steve says:

    Hi Laura: Have a great ride. I did the 4 Corners ride last year and doing the Great American Motorcycle Adventure this year. I leave on June 12, 2011. On your way up the I-5 from San Ysidro if you want to stop by and have a cold drink with my wife and I, you’re welcome to stop by to rest and chat motorcycles. We’re 10 minutes off the highway and a few blocks from the beach. I have a narrow window because I get back from Europe on June 9 and leave for my bike ride on June 12. May I suggest XM and an IPod for the trip. I also suggest a heated Gerbing vest for cold evenings or mornings. You night also consider some PIAA lights to spot those deer on the side of the road. I tilt one slightly right to catch the eyes. Fog lights do not shine far enough down the road. A couple other suggestions: Call your ATM/Debit card company and let them know you’re travelling. Otherwise you could be somewhere in the middle of nowhere and the debit card might stop working because the excessive use at gas pumps and mutiple states will trigger a fraud alert and they may stop your card. Another suggestion is typing up a one page “poop” sheet describing your ride. As a solo rider (and female) people are more likely to stop and talk to you. They are more likely to talk to a solo rider than two bikers. I found the “poop” sheet gave the person something to read so I didn’t have to explain it 50 times. If you’re inclined you might want to put together a web page and even carry a SPOT GPS device. I did so on my ride last year called http://www.StevesBigAdventure.com. I updated the journal every day or two and you might visit it to see if it is something you might enjoy. I put the site together with little or no computer experience and people loved reading it. I have over 5700 hits on the site. It cost me about $125 to put together and I built it using Go Daddy’s, Website Tonight on line web site builder. I spent about 4 hours bulding it. There is a trial and error phase to it but it’s really cool. I raised about $2500 for prostate cancer awareness.

    That’s all for now but if you want to converse more about the ride or anything I’ve included in this blog, shoot me an e-mail at Steven1050@aol.com. Have a great ride. Oe more thing. Take lots of photos and put together a photobook when you’re done. I used Shutterfly but I acually like Apple Photobooks better. You need an Apple computer to do theirs, but the books are quite nice.


  70. David A says:

    Great adventure Laura! Congrats. As a 63 year old retired lawyer/litigator/mediator I can tell you in no uncertain terms that you’re about to have a whole lot more fun than you ever imagined. I’ve been touring with my Road King on and off for the past three years. Started slowly with some trips to the Sierras; then it was NorCal to Utah a few times. Then last October I ran it from the North Coast to New Orleans–a trip of about 5400 miles round trip– and had the best time of my life. It also was part of a project that raised several thousand dollars for animal care relief in the Post Katrina/Oilspill circumstances in New Orleans. You’ll meet great people along the way, have great alone time to contemplate the universe etc. My only regret was pushing a schedule and using motels all the time. Just bought a little tent trailer to tow on whatever my next adventure is, and I tend to meander a bit more this time. Here’s the blog I started last time and will continue when I fire up for this year’s tour adventure. http://whitelinesandblacktop.blogspot.com/
    Give me a holler when you’re going up the Pacific Coast Highway or Hwy 101 and I’ll ride along with you for at least a while to show support! If I’m around, you can contact me through the email address above or through Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#!/david.alden2).

  71. Linda F says:

    Way to go Warrior Woman. Have a safe, glorious trip! May the ‘Spirits’ be with you.

  72. Thank you Laura, for including Habitat on your journey! We so much appreciate your support, and look forward to reading your blog along the way. Safe travels!!

  73. Mary Ann O says:

    Go Laura, have fun, be safe.
    Mary Ann

  74. Gigi says:

    I am so happy for you! I love that you have combined the love for the open road with your love for children. You are an amazing person!! I also pray for safe travels for you along your way and look forward to following your every mile. Love you bunches, Gigi

  75. Juju says:

    Brava, your honor!!!
    A motorcycling friend told me about your plan for this epic ride. I look forward to following along as you post updates from the road. Now I’m heading to the “How you can help” link–I’ve got to get in on this.
    Best wishes and safe travels!

  76. russell says:

    If you ride the 4 corners in an ( X ) pattern it is possible to experience the highs and lows in temps and see more of the 48 states. Make this a trip to include stops with friends and visit some landmarks. I may try a 48 state capital ride when I get older. Im only 58;

  77. Jane says:

    Gypsy Judge – you go!!! My husband rode the four corners of the USA last summer. He was gone exactly 4 weeks. He started in MN and went to Maine first. He too had planned to camp but never did one time due to weather conditions and his need to sleep in a bed rather than the ground. One little tip…don’t be afraid to haggle with motels/hotels and offer them cash as many will be willing to deal with you. Just let them know you do have camping tools so you don’t “need” to stay and many of them will be more than happy to “deal” with you. I, too, want to take that ride some day before my body won’t let me…HA…best wishes and God’s speed to you! Enjoy this trip of a life time and I hope you are able to raise generous funds for your charities.

    Jane from Blaine MN

    • admin says:

      Jane – several other people “planned” to camp on long bike rides but succumbed to the call of a hot shower & comfortable bed. I hope to stay off the Interstates & also spend some time with each of 4 charities, so it’ll probably take me close to 6 weeks to do the trip.

  78. Dan (ferrous hippous rider) says:

    Lots of luck on your endeavor. If you would like people to follow your progress, check out the SPOT personal messenger (findmespot.com) (satisfied customer) and spotwalla.com to share your location with family and friends.


    • admin says:

      Thanks for the info on the Spot. Maybe we can share some roads thru MD – of course, I have no idea of when I’ll be there, except it will be sometime after I leave California. what is a ferrous hippous?

  79. Froggi says:

    Just found your website. In 2005 at age 58, I ride through 42 states and 27k miles solo. I intended to camp but ended up hoteling it…LOL! I look forward to watching your blog updates as your adventure continues

    Congratulations on doing something productive and enjoyable with your retirement time.

    • admin says:

      Froggi – Like you, I’m taking a tent – I’ll let you know how much I actually use it. But you’ll beat me, hands down, on number of miles ridden. Of course, both of us were younger in 2005 😉

  80. Kim says:

    Thank you for being the incredible person you are and always challenging yourself in new directions. By stretching yourself, you both directly and indirectly stretch the rest of us who are blessed enough to have you in our lives.
    Love you!
    Planning to do any of the BRP?

  81. Pam (PK) says:

    Judge Laura, as a newer motorcyclist and an independent woman, I have often marveled and been inspired by your jaunts out on your bike, have been in awe of the things you have done and seen on the open road. And I have been impressed with the things you have done within your professional realm. But this journey will be life changing (for so many) and I am so dang proud to say “Hey, I knew Judge Laura!” I am with Steve and Karen D. and gladly will be putting my 2 cents in.

    Safe travels, my friend, and I am so looking forward to following your journey.

  82. Elizabeth Evelyn aka E2 says:

    Just want to let you know that I have posted information about “4 Corners 4 Kids” on the Escapees Forum….under Other Topics…. Will continue to post as the ideas leap into my consciousness! Please give us a pic of you with bike (without the helmet) as you begin your journey, and another at the end….. I would love to see Grace with you in both pics!
    Most likely you will be taking pics along your way that you will also post on your blog.
    I am very excited for you…. Almost tempted to get my rig road-ready again and follow along to provide a place for meals and a bed to sleep in for you!

  83. Elizabeth Evelyn aka E2 says:

    Tell me how many miles-per-gallon you get with that loaded bike… I will consider a relevant donation to one or more of your 4 kids places….. Hmmm 12,000 miles on how many gallons?
    You Go Girl! Have a great journey!!
    Elizabeth aka E2 @ The Ranch

    • russell says:

      To Elizabeth/Evelyn: A Goldwing 1800 can experience mileage avg as low as 36-42,mpg,s..depending on speed, winds and terrain. And quality of fuel is important too.

  84. Joejoe says:

    Hi Laura,
    Good luck on your ride and hope you enjoy the trip.
    I’ve posted your email with the link to this blog on the Sandollar M/C website.
    Hope it helps get the word out.

  85. Bob A. says:

    I am jealous. May the force be with you Laura plus good roads with no unexpected critters or unwanted anything, the wind be at your back with not too much hail, and the eighteen-wheelers keep a respectful distance.

  86. Steve D. says:

    Alright, Laura, I know I’ve told you my theory about how I am the Base Line for people with really interesting lives (otherwise, how would one know) but this really proves it!
    Anyway Karen and I want to put our two-cents in and will pay 2 cents for every mile you make to one of the charities (probably Habitat).
    For anyone else reading, this is only about $240, so wouldn’t you like to put your two-cents in?
    Travel safely, Laura M. Steve

    • Heather says:

      My family and I would like to thank you! We are recent home owners with Habitat for Humanity. We are a family of seven. Five kids then my husband and I. I wish I could spread the word more than I do about Habitat for Humanity. It’s people like you and your wife that help families like mine get a home.
      God bless ya’ll!

  87. Maria K. says:

    God speed to you, Laura! May the Spirit lead you and your guardian angel watch over you.

  88. Honda Wanda says:

    You GO GIRL !!!!! God speed !!!
    Your doing a Wonderful thing and FUN !!

    Honda Wanda

  89. Deborah C. says:

    Good luck, you brave and wondrous human, you!

  90. Beverley H says:

    It’s a GREAT CRAZY IDEA and I am so excited for you! If anyone can pull this off – you can! I’m rooting for you – and will be looking forward to your blogs! Way to go Judge!!

  91. Greg V says:


    Have a wonderful trip. the Pacific Coast: N California, Oregon and Washington are wonderful scenic rides. Stay away from the deer! 🙂

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